BOGART by Gina Nicole is a handbag fashion brand in Beverly Hills by Cheryl Bogart & Gina Nicole.The biggest thing they emphasized in the creative brief is that they wanted the brand to feel like CHANEL. During my research of CHANEL I kept responding strongly to BLEU DE CHANEL. I was very attracted to that B. So, I started with the B. The closest typeface I could find to it was Trade Gothic Extended, but it wasn’t thick enough. I added a 9 point stroke to get it to match the weight. Then the bars of the B were too roundish instead of flat horizontals like the BLEU type so I adjusted it to match, then it needed to be stretched wider to match exactly. Usually, I avoid distorting any fonts, but it was only a few % so I decided I could live with it. At this point the G still had a spur that felt too harsh for the overall shape. The O to me is the main emphasis of the entire word, so making the G echo the O felt like the right thing to do. Also, taking the spur off the G allowed me to kern the A in tighter so the whole word felt more balanced. If you would like a copy of the Illustrator file that shows this progression, email me a request and I’ll happily send it to you.For Gina Nicole I used the font Notera and only adjusted the dots on the i’s so that they were not exactly alike.