DON’T JUMP is an almost 400 page novel that, as I was laying it out, hooked me, turned me on and made me deeply empathetic. I spent way too much time putting this book together because I kept getting caught up in the story. The thing I was protecting on this cover was the “DON’T JUMP” crosswalk letters. I wanted them to have that rough gradation from yellow to red. There were times when it was suggested that we go all red, but I knew that would flatten it. I feel the title has an impulsiveness to it that makes people want to pick it up and check it out.

Working with Vicki Abelson has been a ton of fun. She is sharp and energetic and, no doubt, has written a great book. The praise for DON’T JUMP is piling up like no other book I have ever worked on. Vicki is friends with so many celebrities that each day someone stunning is dropping comments about it like Chris Rock, Ronee Blakley, Jackie Collins, etc. It’s been an unbelievable experience and I’m thrilled to be friends with Vicki now.