This TV Series Show Bible for “Lovejoy” is longer and more content-heavy than a regular pitch deck. To illustrate, a Show Bible or Series Bible has way more content, like synopses for each episode, and profiles for each character. This document is a complete picture of your show over many seasons and is your 2nd phase of pitching a show. If your first pitch goes well, then the network will ask you to turn in your series bible next. To not bore you, I omitted the text heavy pages. But if you want to see the full deck, or talk about starting your own show bible, please email me.

The series centers around the Lovejoy children, Alexandra (20) and Anthony (23), a year after their mom died from cancer. In that time, Anthony left art school and moved home to help his father at the family shop. With everyone under one roof, the kids’ rebel, question their self-worth and carve out new identities amidst risky behavior.

The show takes place between two locations in Joshua Tree California, The Hacienda recording studio (based on Rancho de la Luna), and Lovejoy’s Tool and Die (based on J. L. Lawson & Co.). Hence, the tool and die aesthetic inspired the title treatment. The headings are rock n’ roll and the copy font feels like drafting table type. Above all, the pitch deck’s stark look aids the desolate themes in the show.

Even though this is the 2nd phase of pitching, we’ve worked with writers who create their TV Series Show Bibles first. In these instances, I recommend making the first section lighter so the room can get their feet wet slowly. Anyway, I’m happy to go over more best practices with you, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Creative Director & Designer: Aaron Davis | ContactLovejoy-R6u8