Dr. Fariborz Farnad, aka The Chin Doctor, has two 84 inch circular windows on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills where he wanted to put images that represented his oral surgery practice as well as fitting in with the Rodeo Drive scene. My instinct was to go bold, because there is just so much competing for your attention on that block. The top photo was originally an image of that girl drinking a smoothie. I retouched out the smoothie and composited in a doctors arm that fits with the gesture of her sticking her chin out. In the bottom image she was wearing a different shirt that I changed so they matched. We left that image as just a beautiful sharp jawed woman to be tasteful.

Below these images are 45 inch square windows that I designed a Chin Doctor lockup in gold leaf lettering with contact info and a web address that we had auto-directed to Dr. Farad’s existing site. The best view of this work is from the crosswalk in front of HERMES and from the 3rd floor of HERMES. More images to come.


The Chin Doctor's Rodeo Drive Windows