Partnering with a women’s vintage college sweater brand was a dream come true for me. Luckily, I met Amanda Sima at Alma Mater before she had a logo. Thus I was able to create this brand identity from scratch. The logo mark was inspired by a 1911 grave marker I found while pulling vintage inspiration. I knew there would be an obvious comparison to VS PINK. So, to differentiate this vintage college sweater brand, I made it look like the first collegiate seal ever attempted with a shallow scalloped wave that’s not perfect. The lettering followed the same set of criteria. I wanted it to look like the college-style we know today wasn’t yet perfected. I liked to imagine that, when an early 1900s artist sat down to draw this lettering, they were beginning to develop a style that would become art deco.

Creative Director & Designer: Aaron DavisContact

Vintage College Sweater Brand