Don't Go British Quad Crown Theatre Poster

“DON’T GO” British quad crown theatre poster

If you’ve been following along with the story of how “DON’T GO” went from a pitch deck we did to securing financing at Cannes, then premiering at

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DON'T GO Poster

“DON’T GO” Theatrical Key Art

Soon after creating the pitch deck for “Don’t Let Go,” we designed the poster for its Cannes Film Festival Premiere, where the retitled “Don’t Go” was picked

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Beautycounter Emails

At Beautycounter, I was on the Sales Team. Most of my emails were to announce to the 20,000+ Consultants that something new is coming. Lots of clean white

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Beautycounter Magazine Ads

Beautycounter is defined by simplicity. These trade ads are meant to be as timeless and as naturally beautiful as possible. These ads ran in Santa Barbara Magazine &

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Nantucket Pop-Up Shop

Beautycounter launched their first ever retail location in Nantucket for a Summer. This was the first time I’ve ever designed signage for a store without a mock

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PANDEMONIUM Screenplays Covers

PANDEMONIUM Screenplays is my mission to start everyday people reading screenplays. These are a few covers to show writers the level of artwork they get when publishing at PANDEMONIUM. I

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Official Baby Video

This is the official video to introduce the new Baby Collection. I did the editing on this as well as the title designs, the text overlays and

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The work I did for Samsung’s Facebook page had to be confidential for a few years. I am now free to show it. The goal was to

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VIVO 53 Happy Hour & Brunch Advertising

VIVO 53 is a modern Italian restaurant in Dallas, TX that is headquartered in Beverly Hills. They are very particular about the simplicity of their design and the quality

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Jackass Ads

Forgive me for not remembering the name of the copywriter that I worked with on these, but the story goes… he was head of Paramount for many years

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