Sci-Fi Feature Film Pitch Deck

“JELLY” is the type of creature film you get from a female filmmaker. After “Tiger Sea,” Suki Kaiser came back with a psychedelic, sci-fi, stoner film. As


Black girl with great hair, sunglasses and Jen jacket with yellow title treatment over face

Feature Film Look Book

This feature film look book was an uncommon set up for me because I usually work on pitches that have not been greenlit. This one, however, is


Upside Down Golden Gate Bridge Above Clouds with white TV Show Title

Layout Pitch Deck

This “layout” pitch deck is for an hour-long television drama. A layout deck means that it’s designed with images as they are shot and relies heavily on


Tiger Sea Feature Film Pitch Deck Cover

Feature Film Pitch Deck “Tiger Sea”

This “Tiger Sea” feature film pitch deck is a female-driven action movie with lots of suspense. I like how Suki Kaiser, the writer, describes the film as


The Village Pitch Deck

One-Hour Drama Pitch Deck for The Village

“The Village” is a one-hour, dramatic TV series. The show presents how Greenwich Village changed from a traditional Italian neighborhood to the center of the 1960s cultural revolution.


TV Series Pitch Cover with guy riding a vintage dirt bike wheelie in Joshua Tree desert


This TV Series Show Bible for “Lovejoy” is longer and more content-heavy than a regular pitch deck. To illustrate, a Show Bible or Series Bible has way


Military special forces in Afghanistan desert

Military Biopic Pitch Deck

On this military biopic pitch deck, we worked under a strict NDA with the director, who shall remain nameless. Therefore, we changed the title, images, and text


Stephen Dorff father and daughter hugging on the London Premiere British Quad Crown Theatre Poster with pull quotes of movie reviews

British Quad Theatre Poster

If you’re following the story of how “DON’T GO” went from a pitch deck to a finished film, then this update’s for you. I was so happy


DON'T GO Poster

“DON’T GO” Theatrical Key Art

You may remember, I created the pitch deck for “Don’t Let Go.” After that writer/director David Gleeson, best known as the writer of “Tolkien,” secured financing for his


David Carson Cover Collaboration for NUKEBACKS

Ola Carson is such a great painter. I am so happy that she worked with David and me on these covers. David took textures from her painting


David Carson & Aaron Davis Screenplay Cover Illustrated by Ola Carson

David Carson Cover Collaboration

I’ve been a huge fan of David Carson since the late 90s. In my office at Ohio State, I had a stack of Ray Gun Magazines within


crow bird leaving trail of smoke on black and white film financing pitch deck cover

Film Financing Pitch Deck

This film financing pitch deck secured funding at the Cannes Film Festival just weeks after we finished it. Then David Gleason, the director, and his wife, producer Nathalie Lichtenthaeler,


That Was Weird Pitch Deck

Lionsgate Television Pitch Deck “THAT WAS WEIRD”

When people say, “Admin Assistants run the show,” we couldn’t agree more. A wonderful assistant at Lionsgate, Dana Digiacinto, reached out to us for a 45-page pitch


Broken Oaks Poster

One day, out of the blue, I receive a hand-written letter with an 8th grade, African-American girl’s school picture stapled to it. It’s a very sweetly written


Game On TV Game Show Pitch Deck Cover

“GAME ON” Interactive TV Game Show Pitch

This “Game On” Interactive TV Game Show Pitch Deck has a lot of elements from Fortnite and other gaming graphics. This series is an interactive game show


More Cover Art for Great Jones Street

We’re cranking out fifteen album covers a week now. My goal is to make the cover art compelling but also to make them look as different from


Pandemonium Screenplays’ Covers

I made these Pandemonium Screenplays’ covers for my publishing startup. My company mission is to start everyday people reading screenplays. These covers are to show writers the level


Album Cover

Album Covers for Great Jones Street

These album covers are the artwork for the short stories offered by Kelly Abbott‘s digital publishing startup, Great Jones Street. Inspired by the 1973 book “Great Jones


The Place Beyond The Pines Titles

These are a collection of The Place Beyond The Pines title treatments inspired by Ryan Gosling’s character, Luke. The bottom right version I made by combining the