One day, out of the blue, I receive a hand-written letter with an 8th grade, African-American girl’s school picture stapled to it. It’s a very sweetly written letter telling me about herself and asking if I’d read her script. Why certainly I would. So, I dive into “Broken Oaks,” a horror script about a busload of mentally challenged kids being transferred from their facility in Florida to an old folks home in Ohio. On the road trip, they accidentally kill their chaperone but are able to make it to the nursing home where they are met by elderly bloodlust. Don’t get it wrong, it’s a full movie. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and a few people even fall in love. How sweet. But it aint written by an 8th grade African American girl. It’s written by a dude named Darby with a wild sense of humor. So, when it was time time to create a poster for this delightful little romp, I was ready to have fun with it.