The following comes from the Fast Company article “5 Elements of Creative Execution.” edited and interjected by Aaron Davis.

1. Unique Strategy The first step of any execution is the creation of a simple, unambiguous strategy—sufficiently tangible to inspire people to action. A crystal-clear strategy explained simply is an indispensable starting point for seamless execution.

2. Candid Dialogue about the strategy and its implementation. Explicit honesty in our client’s feedback is what makes each new round of work leaps and bounds above the last. We rely heavily on client reactions and use them to produce elevated work.

3. Clear Roles that drive individual and team performance. For sustainable creative execution, we match the candid dialogue with roles and responsibilities that link to the team’s goals. Clear accountability is critical because it drives the metrics and rewards that people will use to measure their success.

4. Bold Action puts the strategy into play. Bold action generates momentum. It firmly propels us—transforms doubters into believers, and passive bystanders into active participants.

5. Visible Leadership cements our commitment to change. Leadership’s visible commitment is required to maintain a common focus, set the pace, keep track of successes or failures, and create a positive culture centered on learning and outcomes.

Helping to create positive cultures in the companies we work with has been the most rewarding side effect of our endeavors and has generated friendships that will last a lifetime.