Military Biopic Pitch Deck

We work under strict NDAs with a few directors and this military deck is a case in point. So all the images and information in this deck

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Don't Go British Quad Crown Theatre Poster

“DON’T GO” British quad crown theatre poster

If you’ve been following along with the story of how “DON’T GO” went from a pitch deck we did to securing financing at Cannes, then premiering at

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That Was Weird Pitch Deck


When people say, “Admin Assistants run the show,” we couldn’t agree more. A wonderful assistant at Lionsgate, Dana Digiacinto, reached out to us for a 45-page pitch

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DON'T GO Poster

“DON’T GO” Theatrical Key Art

Soon after creating the pitch deck for “Don’t Let Go,” we designed the poster for its Cannes Film Festival Premiere, where the retitled “Don’t Go” was picked

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Great Jones Street Album Covers Too

We are on a schedule of cracking out fifteen album covers a week. My goal with them is, of course, to make them compelling, but to also

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PANDEMONIUM Screenplays Covers

PANDEMONIUM Screenplays is my mission to start everyday people reading screenplays. These are a few covers to show writers the level of artwork they get when publishing at PANDEMONIUM. I

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Great Jones Street Album Covers

Great Jones Street is a short story digital publishing subscription inspired by the book “Great Jones Street” from 1973. This is Kelly Abbott’s latest startup. Kelly is

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The work I did for Samsung’s Facebook page had to be confidential for a few years. I am now free to show it. The goal was to

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This is a series overview that was used to pitch the project. The series takes place in Joshua Tree California and the characters are mainly centered around

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“Don’t Let Go” Film Financing Pitch Deck

This pitch deck for “Don’t Let Go” was taken to the Cannes Film Festival by the producer to secure financing. Each image was retouched and color corrected, lens

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Goya’s Ghost

This was my delicate take on an otherwise heavy handed period piece. ROLE: Art Director / Designer

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Million Dollar Baby One Sheet

I was working at Warner Bros. on a Saturday when I received a hand drawn note with instructions on where to get the images of Clint Eastwood

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OBLIVION Title Treatments

As much as I would like to make this title treatment so futuristic that it almost seems like a foreign language I know it needs an immediate

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Jackass Ads

Forgive me for not remembering the name of the copywriter that I worked with on these, but the story goes… he was head of Paramount for many years

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Jackass Special Edition DVD

Leading up to the premier of Jackass 2, Paramount released a special edition DVD of the original Jackass movie that included a free ticket to see Jackass

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