Great Jones Street is a short story digital publishing subscription inspired by the book “Great Jones Street” from 1973. This is Kelly Abbott’s latest startup. Kelly is one of  my great friend from college. He also started realtidbits, which I did the identity for as well. I’ll cover the GJS branding in another post, but this is all about the album covers. We call then album covers because the concept of GJS book is all about rock n’ roll. Instead of making these look like books or literary pieces we want them to have more energy to convey that our current writers are f’in rock stars, which they are. Each one is a combination of album cover and movie poster key art. The best constraint of this whole project is that each cover can only take an hour. So, let us know if these feel compelling enough for you to spend 15 minutes of your day reading world-class fiction.

The Last Days - Hugh Sheehy_AaSweetCheeksRememberMe2 Since Vincent Left - Karin Lin-Greenberg-AaWinLose TheSlimJim_Brandon_2-AaYou Would Have Told Me Not To_2TillDeathDoUsPartDharmaFarm - Geeta Kothari_Aa_2The Experience Collector - Hugh Sheehy_Aa