These album covers are the artwork for the short stories offered by Kelly Abbott‘s digital publishing startup, Great Jones Street. Inspired by the 1973 book “Great Jones Street,” Kelly chose this format because the book is about rock n’ roll. Our goal was for these covers to have a lot of energy and convey that our writers are rock stars, which they are.

The constraint of this project is that each cover can only take an hour max. Trish Phelps, my right-hand woman from Victoria’s Secret, and I were eventually banging a cover out in twenty minutes. We’ve done so many that I had to create a second post to show you more of my favorites.

Creative Director: Aaron Davis | Contact
Designers: Trish Phelps & Aaron Davis

The Last Days - Hugh Sheehy_AaSweetCheeksRememberMe2 Since Vincent Left - Karin Lin-Greenberg-AaWinLose TheSlimJim_Brandon_2-AaYou Would Have Told Me Not To_2TillDeathDoUsPartDharmaFarm - Geeta Kothari_Aa_2The Experience Collector - Hugh Sheehy_Aa

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