On this military biopic pitch deck, we worked under a strict NDA with the director, who shall remain nameless. Therefore, we changed the title, images, and text in this deck to protect the film’s intellectual property. The only thing we kept was the desert military theme.

Visually, we went with a low contrast, desaturated look in this military biopic pitch deck to tie together the desert landscape, military camouflage, and helmet camera footage. We used a title font that was pseudo-futuristic police force and a bare-bones, monospaced text font to feel like current day in a developing country. I love this deck for its mood and feeling and hope to do more war movies. 

This deck’s purpose is to finance a short film that showcases a first time director’s vision and talent. This up and coming director is already an entertainment industry pro, but is known for other talents on set. This short will be turned into a full feature if it’s a success.

Are you in a similiar situation—working in the industry and want to direct, but haven’t proven yourself yet? If so, reach out and I can help get you to the next step.

Creative Director: Aaron Davis | Contact
Designers: Mat Weller & Aaron Davis