Increasingly, clients want to design a pitch deck and a series bible simultaneously, and over time, this has morphed into a sort of a pitch deck-series bible hybrid. My approach is to design an image-heavy series bible first, then cut the content down to a pitch deck length. But, some clients decide to pitch with the bible, so to make it a hybrid, I treat the first six to eight pages like a pitch deck, then transition into the more content-heavy pages of a series bible; hence, pitch deck-series bible hybrid. 🙂

Artwork-wise, I treat most one-hour series as serious dramas, then go back in and add elements specific to their genres. For instance, this show has hints of black comedy, which I touch on in the cover art, with the crow swooping down toward the baby and the fire in the background. Another convention we use to make decks feel cohesive is to use a textured overlay throughout.

Writer, performer, and client for this deck, Madison Young is a talent to watch; just look at the praise she’s received:

MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL (on Madison Young’s Off-Broadway One-Woman Show): “It is radical—like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It changed my thinking about a lot of things. I was really inspired and it really did push my boundaries.”

DIABLO CODY: “Madison Young goes deep and brings some universal truths to light.”

DAVE NAVARRO: “Provocative and Brave! I was drawn in by her intensity, sex appeal and willingness to break down some of the mysteries surrounding alternative lifestyles. Madison has the ability to blend these worlds while maintaining both eroticism and intellect.”

MARGARET CHO: “Madison Young is an incredible and singular force in the world of art. Her talent, spirit and energy never fail to impress me. She is downright inspirational. We need her voice now more than ever.”

Creative Director & Designer: Aaron Davis | Contact for Quote

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