This “layout” pitch deck is for an hour-long television drama. A layout deck means that it’s designed with images as they are shot and relies heavily on its graphic design layout. What is doesn’t have is a 3D title treatment or photoshop compositing. This type of deck is your best option if you’re on a budget. It looks compelling but doesn’t require half a day of Photoshop per page.

Of all the titles I’ve worked on, the pilot for this series has won the most awards. And the writer, Holly Scarabosio, is the real deal. This series comes from her thirteen-year career as a psychiatric nurse.

As a producer, she is tenacious—opening doors and connecting with new people every week—to have them read her script. This is a hot commodity and should be finding its way into production soon.

If you like this type of layout pitch deck, let me know. Also, since I’ve designed over 500 pitch decks, I’m starting to sell some as templates like “this one”The Tracks,” check it out.

Creative Director: Aaron DavisContact for Quote
Designers: Mat Weller & Aaron Davis

tv series action packed edge of your seat drama longline and synopsis
psych ward in San Francisco's Tenderloin District
Female nurse and fiancé Main Characters
philipino woman and alcoholic woman characters
Two male doctor characters
Why the audience will like our tv show.
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disturbed psychiatric patient
a violent patient tv series episode synopsis
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