“JELLY” is the type of creature film you get from a female filmmaker. After “Tiger Sea,” Suki Kaiser came back with a psychedelic, sci-fi, stoner film. As a writer and director, she had wonderfully specific references for her vision of this movie. But before we could even start on the deck, she needed a spec poster for a producer’s meeting. So, based on a quick and dirty comp that Suki provided, I recreated a Seth-Rogan-type character walking through a spaceship portal. And my instinct for this movie, based on her James Terrell references, was to go in the direction of “Inherent Vice” with a cool neon color palette.

Creative Director: Aaron Davis | Contact for Quote
Designers: Simon Jones, Mat Weller & Aaron Davis

jelly sci-fi film logline trip movie smiley
jelly sci-fi synopsis black man cap tyler the creator
jelly synopsis anime black dress thigh high black boots
synopsis man silhouette pink and purple light
blue sci-fi creature moving through sticky fabric
middle aged white woman in black leather suit
jelly animated woman neon hair with big breasts film tone
jelly sci-fi world neon light girls eye
spaceship looks white and printed costumes
characters astronaut two girls one in orange hoodie one in dress
jelly comparable films get out moon movies ex machina sci-fi
directors vision smiley face neon lights anime girl
directors vision jelly blue men and women
film directors vision jelly creature silhouette
anime blonde girl scared at night big eyes
jelly googles on neon light blonde girl with ponytail braid
jonsuki film jonathan scarfe suki kaiser
jelly pitch deck back cover man with hoodie Aaron Davis key art