You may already know that I have been designing Carl Reiner’s books for the past few years. What these books mean to me work-wise is a ton of retouching. Carl loves to think up challenges for me then watch me try to work it out. When it’s completely believable, he gets the biggest kick out of it.

“What I Forgot to Remember” is my personal favorite of Carl’s books, because it has, for one, a compelling cover that was painted by his late wife, Estelle, over 65 years ago. Secondly, it has cool stories that range from Sidney Bechet & Satchmo to Milton Berle’s sex life, plus J. D. Salinger, Saul Bass, etc. We did a fair number of photo shoots with Carl around the house with my iPhone 6+ which look really good and we were able to dig deep into the photo archives to pull out some real vintage TV and old Hollywood gems. Lastly, Bill Maher, wrote the foreword and, I feel, was the perfect celebrity to start the book. If you head over to RANDOM CONTENT soon enough, you can probably still get a signed copy.