This feature film look book was an uncommon set up for me because I usually work on pitches that have not been greenlit. This one, however, is a film that Sony had already decided to make, but they were still looking for a director with a unique take on the project. So, I created this look book with Cheryl Dunye (The Chi, Dear White People), a very talented director from Oakland. The way we connected was—she googled pitch deck designers and found me. Then she saw the video I shot of Boots Riley at Sundance. Since she lives in Oakland, she knows Boots and asked him about me. She told me that Boots said, “Yeah, I remember that guy. He’s cool.” And I had to be honest about my joy, “Cheryl, getting this job because Boots Riley gave me the thumbs up is one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me.” So, I owe Boots a huge “THANK YOU!” and if I ever get the chance, I’ll happily repay the favor.

Working with Cheryl and her team on this coming of age, comedy, feature film look book was awesome and fun. As you can see, I was able to get loud and moody with the color palette. I was able to keep the photography simple, yet compelling, and the type clean and energetic. Better yet, the story takes place in Calabasas, which hitting so close to home for me, was an extra bit of excitement.

Creative Director & Designer: Aaron Davis | Contact for Quote

Honest portrait of Black Female Film Director with a clean type layout
Compelling and moody photography of Arica Himmel
pretty teenage brunette girl wearing white tank top and playing with her hair against greenlit background
mezuzah necklace against African-American skin with the text MY TAKE
Pharrell in red hat with praying hards in Oakland
teenage actors as options for main characters in energetic coming of age comedy
teenage actors as options for supporting characters in energetic coming of age comedy
comedic actors from SNL and Sony movies
Director of photography and composer on Cheryl's team for feature film
Frank Helmer, costume designer, wearing glasses against a loud pink background and happy gradation
colorful costumes for exciting teenage movie
costume design for individual characters against uncommon colorful background
unique take on costume design for supporting characters against colorful background
loud and moody film stills and color swatches for look book color palette
Film stills and justifications for Director of Photography's vision on Cheryl's team
simple and clean black and white illustrations for storyboard
simple and clean black and white illustrations for storyboard
simple and clean black and white illustrations for storyboard
Cool Calabasas black girl wearing glasses with hand over mouth