We’re cranking out fifteen album covers a week now. My goal is to make the cover art compelling but also to make them look as different from one another as possible.

To me, these covers are like Victoria’s Secret PINK gift cards, where we’d aim to make them as impulsive as possible, so you couldn’t help but want to pick them up.

Click here to see the first set of Great Jones Street album covers.

Creative Director: Aaron Davis | Contact
Designers: Trish Phelps & Aaron Davis

horrorstory_v2 thyshinycarinthenight_v3_2ice_v4aa2jamokes_v1dronesdont_killpeople_v1aawaiting-for-the-light-alison-littlewood_v1aareturned_v1aadirtmen_v2aalovelock_v1knightofchainsdeuceofstars_v1aagravitas_v1aa madeleine_v2aahowtotalktochildrenaboutdeath_v2aa tofollow_thewaves_aacivilization_v3aakeyphrases_v1aa themadbutcherofplainfieldschariotofdeath_v3aa