At Warner Bros., I received a hand-written note for the “Million Dollar Baby” movie poster. A thumbnail sketch with instructions told me to pull images of Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman from previous movies, and how to arrange them on the page. While collecting the assets and assembling the key art, I assumed this movie was direct to DVD since we were slapping the artwork together quickly. Regardless, I wanted to do something special on this poster. So, I spent my time working on the shadows of Hilary Swank’s left shoulder and cheek. Then I couriered a print over to the address on the note. A few days later I heard the poster was good and Clint was pleased. I asked, “Was that sketch from Clint Eastwood!?” “Yeah,” my manager said. A few months went by, and “Million Dollar Baby” won Best Picture. I’m still stunned that I was able to work on this directly with the man in charge, and it was a one-shot deal. Subsequently, I’ve heard that’s how it is with Mr. Eastwood. No fuss, just let’s get it done