Going Up: Proven Strategies for Reaching Higher Levels in Business (New York: Business Excellence Press, April 20, 2014)

going-up-bookIf you’re looking for sugar-coated motivational speeches, you won’t find it here. The authors of Going Up give you the same “in-the-trenches” insight on entrepreneurship and business success that they have implemented with some of the most successful and recognizable corporations, entrepreneurs and celebrities in the world.

If you’re an entrepreneur, business executive, or a sales and marketing professional, you will find dozens of practical “how to” tips and strategies for building your business in today’s competitive marketplace.

Who Should Read Going Up?

Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs will find useful tips and success strategies from experienced business builders ranging from strategic planning to customer acquisition strategies and maintaining balance in your life.

Business Executives and Managers can learn advanced strategies to successfully connect with their markets on a deeper, psychological level, improve customer retention, and how to effectively do business with the government and in China.

Sales Professionals who want to improve their results will gain new insights into quick and effective lead generation, providing real value to the customers and prospects, and how to develop a renewed passion for sales.

Marketing Professionals will learn advanced strategies for communicating their brand message, connecting their businesses with the community, and the effective use of email marketing and social media.

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A Look Inside of Going Up

Going Up includes content from some of today’s top expert business writers, in categories such as business, marketing, sales, management, leadership and other business-related topics.

Click the pictures below to learn more about the authors and their area of expertise.

Steve Werner
Steve Werner
Chapter 1: 7 Strategies for Success in Business and Life
With over 30 years of experience in a wide array of businesses and entrepreneurial ventures, Steve found his greatest professional satisfaction as a success and business coach with his company Live to Win Coaching.
Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee
Chapter 2: Stop Making Excuses and Get Results Now!
Widely known as America’s Home Ownership and Wealth Expert™, Matthew is a bestselling author and business growth coach regularly sought out by media for his insight on real estate, wealth creation, and business growth.
Nido Abdo
Nido Abdo
Chapter 3: From Broke to Profit in 21 Days

Nido has been running a seven-figure business since the age of 24.  Using his expertise in direct response marketing, he has helped businesses in nine different industries get more clients, more profits, and more free time.
Sam Page
Sam Page
Chapter 4: Marketing Psychology: The How and Why of What We Buy

Sam is the CEO and founder of NeuroTriggers, the world’s only full service neuromarketing firm.  His company develops campaigns which directly tap into the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of his clients’ target market.
Jennifer Villarreal
Jennifer Villarreal
Chapter 5: Selling from the Heart: Discover Your REAL Boss and a Renewed Spirit for Sales

A speaker, coach and author, Jennifer is also the founder of Sales from the Heart, Inc., a non-traditional coaching program that transforms the heart and soul of a business by teaching the core principle, “Serve to Sell.”
LaShonda Steele Allen
LaShonda Steele Allen
Chapter 6: Empowered Mom: Achieving Success at Business and Home

A loving, devoted wife, mother and president of Words of Steele Creative Services, LaShonda is an advertising powerhouse who has developed campaigns for some of the top agencies in the world and major Fortune 500 companies.
Nick Cooper
Nick Cooper
Chapter 7: China: How to Successfully Do Business With an Eastern Superpower

Nick is a world-renowned creative director, artist development expert, innovation strategist, and a leading authority on creating strategic alliances with established companies throughout China and the Pacific Rim.
Niki Papazoglakis
Niki Papazoglakis
Chapter 8: How to Sell to the Public Sector

With 15 years’ experience working in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, Niki has spent the majority of her career as a sales executive with technology giants IBM, Unisys and Hewlett-Packard selling to public sector accounts across the nation.
Julie Trotter Clark
Julie Trotter Clark
Chapter 9: How to Get the WOW in Your Brand

An innovator, entrepreneur, author, speaker, guest judge, and graphic design expert, Julie has guided the introduction and re-invention of countless brands through her use of strategic planning and intelligent marketing and creative design.
Shannon Allen
Shannon Allen
Chapter 10: The Importance of Managing Your Brand with Social Media

Also known by his secret code name, NextWorldLeader, Shannon is a seasoned entrepreneur who has spent the last 11 years focusing on empowering brands by enhancing their corporate online branding strategies.
Aaron Davis
Aaron Davis
Chapter 11: Cause Marketing: How to Produce a $35.71 Return for Every $1 Invested In Marketing Your Business

As a leading cause marketing, customer loyalty, and credit card processing strategist, Aaron helps forward-thinking business owners restructure or fine-tune their business systems, merchant services, and marketing efforts to boost profits.
Alex Navas
Alex Navas
Chapter 12: The Secret to More Customers and Clients with Less Effort

An internationally recognized strategic business coach, speaker and marketing strategist, Alex helps entrepreneurs and business leaders attract audiences of prospects into their businesses, become recognized experts, and develop profitable partnerships.
Archer Atlas
Archer Atlas
Chapter 13: How to Generate More and Better Leads Quickly and Inexpensively

A leading business growth expert and authority on business development, sales and marketing, Archer helps his clients grow their bottom line through his consulting programs, books, newsletter, and seminars.
Scott Dudley
Scott Dudley
Chapter 14: Email Marketing That Works

Scott is a direct response copywriter who has twice been featured in Internet Marketing Magazine.  Most of his current work is based on writing emails that sell for his clients, but he also composes copy for opt-in pages, sales letters and articles.
Russ Holder
Russ Holder
Chapter 15: Customer Control: A New and Strategic Customer Retention System that Can Grow Your Business by 30% or More Each Year

Business development and marketing expert and three-time bestselling author, Russ is best known for his skills at helping companies strategically grow in competitive markets, serving as a strategic advisor for numerous Fortune and Inc. 500 companies.

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Cause Marketing: The “Holy Grail” of Marketing!

Cause Marketing is the “Holy Grail” of marketing. It allows “for profit” businesses and non-profit organizations to team up and promote the business while raising donations for the non-profit.

How it works:

I work with merchants to help support local charities and connect customers with the causes they care about and the places they shop — all while making the business more profitable. The entire community benefits, it’s a Win-Win-Win… all the way around.

Transparent Fundraising That Runs Automatically, All Day, Every Day, 24/7/365

The entire retail industry has long known the power of fundraising, and with good reason.

Over 87% of customers in a recent study indicated they’d be more likely to visit a business that supported their desired cause.

However, business owners seeking to grow their business while supporting their community have also run into problems, such as a lack of transparency over donation accounting (whether real or perceived) and difficulty to measure ROI in relation to the substantial effort to plan and organize fundraisers.

Most striking to us is why the vast majority of fundraisers seem to focus around a one day event rather than run all the time every day of the year. If businesses are open every day, shouldn’t

Credit Card Processing Made Easy

Whether you’ve been running your business for years, or just getting ready to open the doors for the first time, you know how important it is to make it easy for your customers to buy from you. And accepting all of the major credit cards they like to use is an important way to add to their convenience. And yours.

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“Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many–
not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.”
~Charles Dickens

Tomorrow the entire United States celebrates one of its most cherished
national holidays — Thanksgiving Day.

It’s a day often filled with great food and family get-togethers.

But the real intent of the day is to take a break from the daily routine – to step back and reflect.

And then to give thanks for all the blessings we have.

May you find prosperity — and thankfulness — in whatever you do.

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

The High Cost of Discounting… and A Secret That Can SKYROCKET Your Profits, Overnight!

bad-deal-300x225There’s a HUGE problem businesses face today, and that’s the high cost of discounting.

If you’ve ever wanted to increase your profits and eliminate discounting at your business…

even though your customers are hooked on daily deals and coupons in these critical economic times…

The End of Business As Usual.

Must watch 1:38 video as a lead in to the new book The End of Business As Usual by Brian Solis, which is a wonderful read about the consumerism revolution we are currently experiencing.

The video highlights many MAJOR brands that have now closed their doors. I encourage you to watch the video and count how many brands you recognize. Realize the last phrase of the video…adapt or die.

Very few businesses understand how to listen to their customers, less than 2% are doing so now and the rest don’t even a clue as to what to do. I doubt there will ever be a time like this in history where over 80% of business owners are clueless as to what to do and have no idea where to turn. The time to take control of the marketplace with relevant solutions is now.

Chick-fil-A Gives Away A One-Year Supply Of Free Meals…

chickfila-300x144Would you camp out overnight in a parking lot for free chicken sandwiches?

Apparently there are plenty of customers who will.

There’s a valuable marketing lesson to be learned here…

Let’s apply it to your business and make your customers more loyal, shall we?